Frequently Asked Questions


KONSERKU is the first Indonesian online demand-forecast platform that allows music fans to bring their favorite artists to perform in their cities. The more music fans involved in the campaign, the more likely that your dream concert will be happening in your city!

How does KONSERKU work?

Request your favorite artist → Support the campaign → Enjoy the best concert ever!

Why using demand-forecast for live concerts?

Demand-forecast allows us an opportunity to make your dream concert more accessible by bringing all music fans together. Plus, we want to deliver the best-intimate concert that you could ever have!

How does the campaign work?

Search or request your favorite artist that you would like to perform in your city. Campaigns will be available when there are number of high requests from Top 10 Requested Artists. Once the campaign starts, set your own ticket budget under engagement & survey section and share the campaign on social media because your support counts! When you support the campaign for the live concert you want to go to, this means you are willing to purchase token of support as well.

What is the maximum amount of attendees at each concert?

The maximum amount of attendees at each concert is depending on how much the demand are willing to hold a concert - we will update you about this particular information as soon as possible.

When will KONSERKU announce the date and venue of the concert?

For each live concert that you request, we will try our best to give the expected date and venue once the campaign has reached the target. When the campaign is successful, we will send the announcement on the website, email and social media outlets (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram).

What happens if the campaign does not reach the goal by the deadline?

We will refund the amount of purchase (exclude transaction fee) one week after the campaign session ends in token. You can use these token to support other campaigns.

When can I start purchasing token of support?

You can start purchasing token of support once the phase 2 of the campaign is available. Purchase token of support means you get the chance to pay for cheaper tickets compared with normal sales.

How are the payments made?

You can purchase token of support by using ATM Bank Transfer. More payment options will be available in near future.

What is the next step after I purchase token of support?

We will keep you updated about the campaign progress. We will do everything we can to make your dream concert happens.

I missed the purchasing token of support session. Is it possible to pay normal tickets?

Yes, it is. Normal tickets will be available after token of support purchase session ends and campaign has achieved target.

What happens if I don’t receive order number after I pay the ticket(s)?

You can let us know at and we will re-send you the order number.

If I cancel my purchase, how do I get a refund?

Unfortunately, you are not able to cancel your purchase. We can only refund your purchase when the concert cannot be held or canceled, and in token to be used for supporting other campaigns.