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It is hard to see my favorite artist to perform in Jakarta!

You must have complained about the same thing, right?

One day, I saw the video where 1000 Foo Fighters fans in Italian city gathered together to play one Foo Fighters' song to attract the band's attention to perform in their city. Foo Fighters noticed, and they really performed in that very city within the same year!

That is why we started KONSERKU. The idea of gathering fellow fans in the same city to bring their favorite music act gave us the idea of creating a dedicated platform that would yield such result. That is when the idea of KONSERKU was born.

Through KONSERKU, all music fans are now able to contribute together as a combined effort to see the live concert of their favorite music act in their city. All that is required is the huge determination and commitment that can be seen through KONSERKU, just like how the Italians showed theirs.

Start your determination to see your favorite artist in your city now!

Danny Widodo, Music fan and KONSERKU Co-founder

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