Frequently Asked Questions

For music fans


This is where you can decide which of your favorite music artists will come to perform a concert in you city.

How does KONSERKU work?

  1. Discover - Find the concert you want to watch in your city.
  2. Invite - Bring your friends to the campaign and keep updated.
  3. Secure Ticket - Secure your ticket early.
  4. Enjoy! - You've made your dream concert happen. Now it's time to enjoy the show!

Okay, where do I start?

  1. Enter the name of your favorite artist and your city into the box: [link to the discover segment. open new tab], and click 'MAKE IT HAPPEN'
  2. If there is already an existing campaign for the artist in your city, simply join the campaign.
  3. If there is no existing campaign, congrats, you are the first person to create the campaign!

Oh cool, I am the CREATOR of the campaign! But why is it pending ACTIVATION?

You just created a campaign, but this campaign needs to be ACTIVATED to make sure that you are not alone. A referral link has been created for you to share it to your friends, family, and fellow fans of your favorite music artists. To ACTIVATE the campaign, you will need 29 other fans to join you. Once there are 30 of you, the campaign will be activated within the next 24 hours for verification.

Alright. Is that it?

30 of you are officially the CREATORS of the campaign. But we will need a lot more of you to make sure that the concert will not be empty. A new referral link has been created for you and SHARE it again to as many people as possible!

That is tedious. Why should I do it?

Should the concert happen, the benefits of being the CREATOR will give you access to 30% discount of the ticket price, and you sure will be able to get your hands on the official merchandise without the need to queue before the concert. You will get the merchandise before you come to concert!

Wow, I am sold! How many people do I need to bring to make the concert happen?

The campaign page will state the number of people needed to make this concert happen. Note that there is a deadline too! We do not want all of you to wait very long afteral!

What happens if the campaign does not reach the goal by the deadline?

Let's try again from scratch! Let's make it happen! Or perhaps you want to watch other concerts listed on KONSERKU that are already selling tickets. You will still be entitled to the 30% discount for the concert ticket.

Cool! Last question: are you at KONSERKU truly contactable?

Yes we are! There is this guy called Paul who will get back to you soonest. Email him at or message us via Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.